Chattanooga Boat Engagement Photos


A summer boat engagement session in Chattanooga

Chattanooga is such a destination for adventurous engagement, elopement, or wedding photos! With mountain views and overlooks or plenty of lakes and the river there really is something for everyone! I had a vision for this session to be on a boat and when these two were down to pop some champagne on their boat I was sold! This was such a fun couples session!

Boating is one of our favorite summer activities

This was a VERY hot day out on the river but it was perfect for this session. You may or may not know that pizza is my husband, Ryan, and I’s favorite! Anytime you want to have some pizza and take your photos we are so in! We picked up a pizza from our favorite pizza shop in Chattanooga, Pizza Bros, and headed to the river.

It truly turned into the most beautiful and fun night, we had champagne (the guys had the “champagne of beer”), pizza, and then swam as the sun set over the river. Want to schedule your adventure engagement session this summer?! Lets do it! Contact me HERE and we can start planning!

How to make your guy enjoy photos?

Want to know my secret to making sure your man has a great time taking photos? My secret weapon is Ryan, seriously we will both come along for your photos and I promise it will be a great time! He will help make sure your man is comfortable and loosens up taking photos! But for real my biggest tips are

  • Hype him up before the session, tell him he looks great (we all know that we have those days where we need hyping up.)
  • Lets incorporate food or a drink into the session! Giving you something to do will help you both get more comfortable more quickly!
  • Tell me Ryan needs to be there! Having another guy in the room always makes the tension lessen if they are nervous about me taking photos! I try to especially have him at our sessions if he will also be helping me taking your wedding photos! Then we are all friends by the time we celebrate your big day!