How to Tell Your Love Story in Engagement Photos


Want engagement photos that are different? Photos that are so unique to you and your love story?! Something that is so important to me in capturing your engagement photos and wedding photos is that I keep the images as true to you as possible! Keep reading to get tips on how to make your engagement photos (or couples photos) unique to you and your significant other!

Tell your love story

When you are picking your wedding photographer think about how you want to tell your story! If you are working with me and Kristen Thomison Photo you will be sent a few questionnaires throughout our time working together and leading up to the wedding day! I ask you questions about your love story, how you met, and your favorite things about each other are a few questions that I ask before your session. Answering these helps me create an engagement photo shoot that it unique to you! I want to help you tell your story through these photos!

Location is a biggie!

Think about your favorite books and movies, they always have a setting that shapes the story that you are told, we are going to start with a location when planning your session! The location that we pick I work to tailor it to something that is special to you and your love story! Do you love taking long drives in the mountains? Or maybe you love going out for ice cream at Clumpies? Did your first date happen at your favorite bar? Lets make that a piece of your engagement photos!

So you have your engagement photo location

You have the location for the photos now lets think about the season! This one is not as flexible as the location depending on when your wedding day is and when we need to get your photos done by but think about the season that you want your photos in! Snowy? Sunny and at a park or on a boat? Maybe spring with lots of flowers? Or do you love the fall leaves and pumpkins? We can work these things into your engagement story too!

Time to pick the outfit!

Location – check! Season – check! Now it is time to pick the outfit out for your engagement photos! Me personally, I love bringing two outfits! One outfit is more casual and one outfit a little more dressy! This also gives you more options in your photos! When I am your photographer I send out a whole engagement photo wardrobe guide! I have a bunch of little tips and tricks for picking an outfit for both yourself and your significant other to look great together and then to fit the story that we are telling!

Time for your photo shoot!

You have done all the prep work and I have helped you get up to this moment! Now its time for your photos! My biggest tip is honestly be extra lovey to each other the day of your session. Words of affirmation to hype each other up, maybe go grab a drink together before the session for some quality time (and liquid courage) and give each other extra kisses. If you are feeling so in love while we take your photos then your photos will reflect that!

If you want to see a super cute couple who I recently took their engagement photos in downtown Chattanooga keep scrolling! We worked in a few locations downtown at golden hour and made sure to incorporate little touches that were special to their relationship! Gum wrapper notes that they would pass to each other in chapel made an appearance at the end!

Ready to book your engagement session?! Get out your calendar and lets get it booked!